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  • Meinl Fiberglass Tri-Sound Ibo Drum Black/Gold

    Its fiberglass body, combined with its rawhide playing surface provides a full spectrum of frequencies and tones, and is nearly indestructible. Large Premium fiberglass body. 14" tall, 10" wide. Resistant shell construction.
    103,56 EUR
    Provenance : États-Unis
    17,26 EUR de frais de livraison
  • African musical drum instrument Udu

    The udu drum made of clay. Udu is tested for video record only, the sound is great.
    85,44 EUR
    Provenance : Bulgarie
    46,61 EUR de frais de livraison
  • LP Udu Drum Mbwata (LP1400-MB) , claytone, tabla, dumbek

    Developed by master ceramisist, Frank Giorgini, the clay construction of LP Udu® Drums is based upon centuries-old African traditions. Sounds created from the upper chamber are similar to those sounds of the Indian tabla or Middle Eastern dumbek.
    47,47 EUR
    0 enchèresSe termine à dimanche à 16:38 Paris4 j 17 hRemise en mains propresProvenance : États-Unis
  • Latin Percussion LP1400-C1 LP Udu Drum Claytone #1

    The clay construction of LP Udu Drums is based upon centuries-old African traditions. Pineville Music was started in 2016 with the goal of providing the best gear for every musician.
    63,86 EUR
    Provenance : États-Unis
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