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  • 9'.0" X 11'.9" Rust Orange Oushak Afghan Oriental Area Rug Hand Knotted Wool

    Excellent Quality Hand Knotted Oushak Afghan Oriental Rug. Regional Design: Oushak. Style: Tribal Afghan Oriental Rug. Weave: Hand Knotted. Rug #Z51816S32006. When we open them after a while, the rugs shows creases or wrinkles where they have been folded in half and rolled.
    4 364,56 EUR
    Provenance : États-Unis
    Avant réduction : Prix de vente initial4 849,51 EUR
    Style: Tribal
    Livraison gratuite
  • 8’.3” x 11’.8” Tribal Geometric Afghan Oriental Area Rug Hand Knotted Orange

    Excellent Quality living room rug or family room rug that can withstand heavy traffic. Made to last for generations. Easy to keep clean and maintain. Rug #Z8118S46628 
 Quality: Excellent 
 Weave: Hand Knotted 
 Exact Dimensions: 8’.3” x 11’.8” 
 Material: 100% Wool 
 Color: Orange, beige, blue 
 Pattern: Geometric 
 Regional Design: Afghan Kunduz
 Shape: Rectangular 
Age: New 
Room: Bedroom Style: Traditional Persian Oriental Rug 
 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
    3 659,97 EUR
    Provenance : États-Unis
    Avant réduction : Prix de vente initial4 066,63 EUR
    Style: Traditional-Persian/Oriental
    Livraison gratuite
  • 8x12 Red, Purple and Orange Turkomen Bukhara Hand Knotted Afghan Area Rug - New!

    Design: Turkoman Bukhara. Knot Technique: 100% Hand Knotted Rug. By looking at the back of the rug you can see how clear the pattern is, which indicates the quality of the rug. You always want to compare the back to the front in order to know how fine it is.
    3 036,71 EUR
    Provenance : États-Unis
    Livraison gratuite
    Style: Traditional-Persian/Oriental
  • handmade afghan gabbeh area orange rug, persian gabbeh oriental area kilim rug

    This is an afghan handmade gabbeh rug/kilim from Afghanistan. Size : 201 x 268 cm.
    869,00 EUR
    Provenance : Pakistan
    86,12 EUR de frais de livraison
    Style: Traditional-Persian/Oriental
    ou Offre directe
  • L420A, Afghan Natural Dyed Striped Gabbeh Area Rug, Simple Orange 201 x 268 Cm

    This is an afghan handmade oriental striped gabbeh area orange rug.
    801,15 EUR
    Provenance : Pakistan
    134,83 EUR de frais de livraison
    Style: Modern
    ou Offre directe
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