• Professional écran tactile weather center avec interface pc

    (11) Weather alarm modes for: a) Temperature b) Humidity c) Wind chill d) Dew point e) Rainfall f) Wind speed g) Air pressure h) Storm warning. 6) Wind chill and Dew point temperature display ( °F or °C).
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  • USB Digital Professional station météo pluie Temp Humi

    The various sensors included with this weather station allow you to wirelessly transmit the data collected up to 100m to your base unit. This lets you know what the weather is like without even looking or going outside.
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  • Maplin Watson aercus Wifi solaire Station météo

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  • POCKET digital station météo boussole peut & ouvre-bouteille mini torche porte-clés

    Horloge et calendrier, tournevis & Mousqueton Clip Style
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  • [Lad Météo] Outdoor Montre Altimètre/Baromètre/Digital Boussole/Météo...

    Altitude trend indicator. -Revise current altitude. -Revise current sea level pressure. (20~90%) - Humidity trend indicator. (-10~60 degrees Celsius/ 14~140 degrees Fahrenheit) - Temperature trend indicator.
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  • LAD Weather Outdoor Montre Altimètre Baromètre digital compass prévisions météo

    LAD WEATHER Outdoor watch Altimeter Barometer Digital Compass Weather Forecast There are 8 colors for this model. This product is white. (The other colors are sold on the other pages.) Useful for Hiking/ Climbing/ Camping/ Travelling/ Fishing/ Surfing/ Diving/ Sports and Outdoor activities. You can hang it where you want by carabiner, and you can use carabiner as a keychain. It can also be put on the desk erectly. Besides going out, you can use it at home, or in the office. With a variety of functions, you will surely find it's USEFUL everywhere.[Functions] American Sensor Carabiner Accessory Altimeter Mode -Display current altitude. -Altitude trend indicator. -Revise current altitude. -Max/Min altitude data record -Meter (m) or feet (ft.) Barometer Mode -Display current barometric pressure. -Barometric pressure trend indicator.
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