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  • 2017 2018 Bulgaria M-Match - Bulgarian Football Season Preview Magazine

    A Bulgarian-language magazine-style preview of the 2017/2018 season in the Bulgarian League. Well-illustrated in full-colour with team photos and player photos & statistics. Published in 2017. M-Match 2017/18 (Bulgaria Season Preview).
    4,53 EUR
    Vendeur Top Fiabilité
    3,97 EUR de frais de livraison
    Provenance : Royaume-Uni
  • SPEED Magazine Feb 1937 - Motorcycle Racing 1937, Bulgarian Grand Prix, Speedway

    Colour covers. Inside pages Black & White. SPEED Magazine. The covers have scuffs, scratches, soiling and general wear. Staples rusted away with tape repair to spine. Covers are loose. POOKS MOTOR BOOKS.
    22,70 EUR
    Vendeur Top Fiabilité
    6,81 EUR de frais de livraison
    Provenance : Royaume-Uni
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