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  • Clover 7803 Point 2 Point Turner Corner Hera Press Applique Plastic Tool NEW!

    Clover 7803 plastic 2 Point Turner is designed to turn every corner point perfectly. The curved end has a tip for point turning, can be used as a Hera marker or a finger press, and the fine tipped end is perfect for more detailed work.
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  • Clover 7802 Press Perfect Iron Finger Tool Silicone Spatula Heat Safe Tool NEW

    Multi-purpose, silicone heat resistant pressing tool to use in place of your finger with the iron. Spatula end is used for finger pressing, point turning and gripping fabric to hold in place. Use handle as seam roll to press seams open.
    9,32 EUR
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  • Birch Point Turner with Button Sewing Aid and Ruler

    The point turner is perfect for forming crisp points and well shaped pocket and. With the two button sewing slots you can automatically gauge the shank depth when sewing on buttons. The other end of the handy tool features a button gauge to measure shanks on two and four hole buttons.
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    Provenance : Australie
  • Point Turner sewing tool FREE POST from AUST

    It's such a clever and diverse sewing tool - use the pointy end to create perfect crisp points when turning your garments and sewing projects right side out. Great for waistbands, collars, etc. The tool also features slots that can be used as a guide for attaching buttons.
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  • 36 Pins Safety Silver Assorted Size S M L Sewing Craft Wedding DIY Multi-Purpose

    Metal Dressmaking DIY Multi Purpose. Sewing Craft Wedding. Safety 36 PinS Silver Assorted3 SizE Small Medium Large. Suitable for many uses; crafting, sewing, d ressmaking etc. Quantity : 36 Pins. Medium :32 mm.
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  • Fadenwickler, Leinen-, Seil- aus Holz mit etwas weißem Faden

    Es kann immer mal sein, dass mir - hoffentlich sehr, sehr selten - einmal etwas "durchrutscht". Ich weise darauf hin, dass es sich wenn nicht anders angegeben umgebrauchte Ware handelt. Der Zustand ist aber meist besser als angegeben.
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  • Fw Pro 11 Tongs Sil Tips Blk

    Color Silver, Black. Product Details.
    7,10 EUR
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