• Moldex 2435 Smart Ffp2 NRD Ventilé Gaz/Masque de soudage non Réutilisable Pack de 10

    The activated layer of charcoal built into this mask offers relief from low levels of gases and vapours, often found in conjunction with particulate hazards. Protects from nuisance acid, ozone and organic gas relief. The ActiveForm? and comfort nose seal automatically adjusts to different face shapes and movements to give a secure fit. The Strap and clip allows you to hang the mask around the neck during breaks. The DuraMesh? shell increases shape retention and durability and the Ventex?-valve reduces moisture and heat inside the mask.
    50,49 EUR
    Vendeur Top Fiabilité
    10,90 EUR de frais de livraison
    Provenance : Royaume-Uni
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