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  • Violin Bridge 4/4 Érable - pour Intermédiaire Violons

    Dans le cas contraire, nous allons chercher une couleur au hasard pour le choix. neutre ou. et CINQ ÉTOILES sur toutes les estimations détaillées de vendeur.
    5,59 EUR
    Vendeur Top Fiabilité
    4,52 EUR de frais de livraison
    Provenance : Royaume-Uni
  • Intermédiaire 3/4 anciens violon hand made in Mittenwald avec étui et deux Arcs

    I am selling a violin that I have owned for the past 10 years. I had originally bought them for my son, who is currently in his second year at university studying music. He passed his grade 5 with distinction on this violin. My daughter also played on this but is now playing on a 4/4. This is a proper instrument for an intermediate player. They were made in the first half of the 20th century in Mittenwald, a place where instruments have been made for over 300 years, and this is a manufactory violin. A hard case and two bows also come with the violin.
    394,49 EUR
    Provenance : Royaume-Uni
    42,76 EUR de frais de livraison
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  • Violin bridge 4/4 érable-intermediaire pour violons

    Precision cut maple bridges perfect for luthiers to shape to a desired finish. Our bridges are carefully graded by our in-house luthier. Otherwise, we will pick random color for the choice. Outside UK.
    5,58 EUR
    Vendeur Top Fiabilité
    4,51 EUR de frais de livraison
    Provenance : Royaume-Uni
  • Violon Cordes Set 4/4 3/4 - Nickel Round Wound débutants à intermédiaires

    These Strings are Excellent for soloists and students—intensive and powerful. Outstanding playability and excellent response at all dynamic levels. High quality nickel wound strings made to the highest standards to give soft and warm sounds for the widest range of players from beginners to orchestral standards.
    6,71 EUR
    Provenance : Royaume-Uni
    4,51 EUR de frais de livraison
    17 vendus
  • Mikrokosmos Vol. 1 20 Intermediate Solos et ensembles Bartok Harpe 97900600119

    Title: Mikrokosmos Vol. Composer: Bartok, Bela. ISMN-EAN: 9790060011931. ISMN-13: 979-0-060-01193-1. ISMN-10: M-060-01193-1.
    27,28 EUR
    Provenance : Royaume-Uni
    4,79 EUR de frais de livraison
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