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  • Oui Glass Jars Pots

    I have here 12, clean Yoplait Oui yogurt jars/pots. They have been cleaned of all stickers and glues. Ready to go for those craft projects. Or get some lids from a vendor on etsy who makes snap on lids for them. Then you could use them to put food in for lunches or leftovers. Or for baby food or spices. Many options. Thank you for looking. I do have more if you need a larger amount ask me. I can put a listing on in bigger amounts.
    10,41 EUR
    Provenance : États-Unis
    8,13 EUR de frais de livraison
  • Lot 12 OUI Glass POTS Jars CONTAINERS Candles CRAFTS Storage Yoplait Yogurt 5oz

    Lot of 12 Yoplait OUI Glass Jars. Perfect for crafting, DIY, candles, weddings, storage, or anything else you can think of.
    7,80 EUR
    Provenance : États-Unis
    10,00 EUR de frais de livraison
    ou Offre directe
  • Lot of 13 OUI YOPLAIT French Yogurt Glass Jars With Labels. Clean inside. EUC

    Bakers’ dozen (13) Yoplait Oui French-Style Empty Glass Yogurt Jars. 1 raspberry, 2 black cherry, 2 blueberry, 3 strawberry, 5 vanilla. I left the labels on, front and back, because they are so pretty. Insides have been cleaned out. Each jar weighs 4.6 Oz. 2.5” tall and 3” round/diameter. Perfect for many crafting projects, storage and candle making. Please see all photos.
    13,01 EUR
    Provenance : États-Unis
    11,84 EUR de frais de livraison
  • Lot of 7 OUI YOPLAIT French Yogurt Glass Jars for Crafting, Sorting, Feeding...

    So I have 7 Glass jars. They are great for storage, crafting, starting seedlings... I’ve taken the labels off of four of them. Please check out my other items for sale I usually ship the same day you pay
    4,55 EUR
    Provenance : États-Unis
    4,33 EUR de frais de livraison
    ou Offre directe
  • Lot 20 Oui Yoplait Yogurt Glass Jars Pots Containers Crafting Candles Sorting

    Lot 20 Oui Yoplait Yogurt Glass Jars. Pots, Containers, Crafting, Candles, Sorting and Saving.
    21,67 EUR
    Provenance : États-Unis
    11,27 EUR de frais de livraison
    ou Offre directe
  • 12 Oui Yoplait Glass Jar Pots Yogurt Used Crafts Storage Vase Votive See Details

    This is for a dozen (12) used glass jars from Yoplait Oui yogurt. These have been washed but may still have sticker or seal residue (see photos). These cute little jars are great for food or other storage (you can find lids online), crafts and projects, vases and votives, or even juice glasses!
    8,36 EUR
    Provenance : États-Unis
    16,39 EUR de frais de livraison
    ou Offre directe
  • 20ml / 2cl Miniature Portion Glass Bottle with gold or silver metal caps

    36,44 EUR à 111,64 EUR
    Provenance : Royaume-UniType: Bottle
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