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  • Banana Leaves - (Alternative to seemandelbaumblättern)

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  • Aquarium Water antidote Help fish adapt to the new environment 60Pcs AK780

    Aquarium Water antidote Help fish adapt to the new environment Discus/Angels 60Pcs CAUTION : FOR AQUARIUM AND ORNAMENTAL FISH ONLY,NOT FOR HUMAN USE,KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. *Particularly for the antidote to the aquarium water, the rapid removal of residual toxins in water, chlorine, iron, lead, magnesium and other harmful substances. *Enhance disease resistance of the fish, the fish mucous membrane protection, ease stress response because the environment, caused by a sudden change in water temperature, and enhance the ability of fish to adapt to resist. Replace the tank or replace the aquarium fish tank water, 5 gallons of water using this 1 Pcs. Routine maintenance once a week, the amount of use is 13 gallons to the 1 PCS.
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  • 10pcs Indian Almond Leaves Catappa Betta Fish Gouramis Shrimps Easy to use

    10 Pieces Indian Almond Leaves. - Quantity: 10pcs. - Easy to use, just drop a few leaves into your tank. Remove them when the leaves start to disintegrate. - Material: Leaves. Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
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    Provenance : Chine
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